Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Yet another life started

What a lucky bastard I am. Shortly after I arrived in Amsterdam my cousin Mark moved to the Dutch Antilles until the end of the year and very generously insisted on my housesitting skills for the duration.

One of my friends put me in touch with a temping agency where I was able to work a bit.. and meet Asha... well, do I need say more. After a bit of soulsearching, internet googling, some miserable job interviews and jugling of priorities I now have three part-time jobs to tie me over until I get a 'real' job; groupguide with www.poldersport.nl, bookshop assistent at the www.ako.nl and behind a bar at night on partyship www.OceanDiva.nl.

The ´real´ job will put me back into the www.hva.nl schoolbenches for a day or so each week starting in August. I will become a teacher of economics. After that, who knows.

More importantly, after years of drought, I am able to freely and without limits lavish myself on movies, the library, my new museum year pass, live jazz music and assorted bars and concerts, TV docus and an internet www.chess.com subscription with endless tactical training problems to be solved..

This will be my last post on this blog as I shall not be travelling nor traversing much of much in the near future. My traversing and thoughts will be for my new life in and around amsterdam as a teacher in training, friends and family as well as Asha, new girlfriend by surprise.