Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Man vs Wild

Today is the day. It has taken some days of preparation and some fine goodbyes but today is the day my trip gets on the way. I got TV installed just before my trip to Amsterdam this month, in anticipation of watching the Dutch team´s victoryrun in the European Football Tournament.. Being a little nervous I did not sleep too well... and so... ESPN showed a repeat of the 1988 final!! My departure from Tierra Firma in Puerto Vallarta to the Polynesian islands coincides with the first match.. The last time we won the Tournament I was away working in a US summercamp in 1988... so, being away again maybe a good sign.....

Low and behold, another sign.... The other program I watched was on Discovery Channel; this guy from Man vs Wild survives on a deserted Polynesian (!!!!) island and finds his way out on a selfmade raft.. after being surrounded by tiger sharkes.. At least I know what to do know.. make fire, fish, eat cocos, make a raft and signal with knife in case of ship approaching withing 10 miles...

Ever onward.. tonight to San Christobal de las Casas, in the mountains of Chiapas.. where I may meet some revolutionary Zapatistas..

Hasta pronto.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Saying goodbye´s

Saying goodbye is more involved than anticipated and more so as the dentist is keeping me longer than expected.. Wednesday I am off to Palenque, San Christobal de las Casas in the mountains and Oxaca on the west coast, from where I travel to Puerto Vallarta, port of departure.

Today´s surgery tops it all. I actually lost weight by way of sheer size of extracted roots... Recommended afterparty... 3 days inside with blinded windows, hefty dose of antibotics, Ibuprofen that you can only get on dentist recepy (a first in Mexico where you can walk in and buy Steroids, Viagra and everything else at the Farmacia Similar).. and mouthwash. I am adding a few hours of internet and selected reading for personal pleasure.

Genie found its way in the jungle.. a really nice place with lots of space and friendly people.. I am going to miss her, although I now know that I am more of a cat person, it was really much harder to say goodbye than expected. Pumi is going back to Ale the day I leave.. she will definately be missed..

Enough sob stories for this year... giving away most of my stuff is fun though.. the bazaar is a non-starter.. It feels better this way.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Polynesia via dentistchair

Ouch, this week I shall be a feature (or fixture) in the dentistchair.. better now than somewhere on the South Pacific ocean. Maybe I should not have waited for four years after all.. Ouch again.

Mi querida Genie (see pic later) will have a new home in the junglespa ( a few k´s in from Puerto Morelos. The apartment will pass on to owner of neighbouring Cafeteria and my carefully selected items of interior design and furniture will find there way to new owners by way of a bazaar this weekend.

It is always nice to know howmuch you are needed and missed when you announce your departure to your employer.. obviously not.. within a day a new dive instructor has leaped into my still warm wetsuit.. which leaves me one excuse less to hang around beloved Puerto Morelos ( , THE Riviera Maya bookstore... for background info on the village).

After only a few years I already find it difficult to say goodbye to the enchanting village.. with all the beauty, nature, peace, friendliness and aggrevations of a Caribean fishermans village surrounded by national park reefs and mangroves. Where else will I walk the streets and know every other person.. (PS: a few days later.. Diabolical.. because I really like the friendlyness but abhore the accompanying gossip and knowitall that comes with the lack of personal activity and interests.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Amsterdam... Puerto Morelos... Polinesia..

My visit to Amsterdam was a warm bath.. Very nice to be with my parents.. be there for my dad´s 70th birthday,.. the rascal has just bought another 650 motorcycle.., friends and my beloved Amsterdam.. It also allowed me a fresh breath from the village life of Puerto Morelos. Being a dive instructor and living in the Caribean can be considered adventerous.. but the day to day routine does not really provide a lot of stimuli.. apart from the odd resque operation at high sea.. a shark once in a while and silly customers who think they can dive and are determined to get injured or worse.. Actually, it is not a bad way to go..the deep blue.. narcosis.. dreams.. sleep.. eternal blizz..

And so.. a longtime dream come true.. With a newly acquired waterproof sailsuit, flashlight, diveknife, a lot of positiveness and a fair measure of opportunism.. I will sail from Puerto Vallarta (Pacific Coast Mexico) to the isles of Polynesia in the South Pacific. Remarkable easy... well at least it was to catch a bearth. Not one week after my registration on www.findacrew I found myself pondering various offers for passage across the oceans.

My next challenge is to find somebody to take over the rent of my appartment, a new home Genie, organise a bazaar to sell or give away my belongings, the dreaded dentist and give up my job in order... I should not forget to buy a guidebook of some sort in case I get ditched on an island somewhere.. buy some booties for on the boat.. and not eat my dutch sweets before getting on the boat..

Monday, 19 May 2008

Riviera maya Mexico..

After 4 years on the Caribean coast of Mexico it is time for adventure...